Stats Medals Commedations Carnage Report Need Help

There are a few things I am not a fan of in Halo 5…

The whole lack of statistics break down.

So I will get right to the point. I believe we need to see…

Commendations- Instead of just saying “Earn a Melee Medal” for the CQC commendation, there should be a break down like I believe in Halo 4 that told you exactly what these medals were that went towards the commendation. That is just one example, and all commendations that need medals to go with them should have this break down.

Post Game Carnage Report- Why can I not see who killed me the most, who I killed the most, what my tool of destruction was that game, what the enemies tool of destruction was that game?

Medals- Why can I not see what medals I earned throughout the game? I miss that the most, not being able to see what medals I earned and bask in the glory (or sometimes the lack there of.)

i wanna meet the guy who said “lets not put the post game carnage report in” cause that guy needs to be fired ASAP.

It makes me sad. I get some really cool medals sometimes in matches and want to know what they are and or review what I earned but I can not. Especially when I earn a large killing spree or multikill medal.

Totally agree!
We have a bunch of new medals in Halo 5 but if you want to look them up, you need to go to

Since Reach I would love to see the good old Post Game Carnage Report! Best Player, best medals I need that!
Besides that I would like to see my enemies medals. I want to know if someone made a killing frenzy or not.