statistical proof of what will help you.

So yesterday i decided to actually figure out what is the best way to find games in Match Making’s current forum. My sample size is 21 games with a control group of 5 games to establish a base line. Then 16 other games that I used the commonly said fixes in this forum. I also noticed a few other things that will probably help you.
All of this testing was done between 7:00pm CST and 12:00 CST in total 21 games where played averaging 14 minutes of wait and game play each game

The control group had these settings.
5 minute wait then switch to Big team battle, it should be noted that when i switch playlist i only did so between Big team battle and H2A ranked.
In these first five games i had the longest wait time. It should be noted that if the game does not have the amount of searching icons that is equal to or greater than the amount of people for the intended playlist then it will never find a game. This problem can be remedied if you go to the campaign menus pick a game (HALO CE, HALO 2, ect) then it will bring back this feature. It is absolutely important that you have this feature running or you will never find a game no matter how much you back out and in.
In these first five games it took on average 20 minutes to find a game and play it. This is an improvement to launch day however still unacceptable.

The test group had these settings (17 games)
Now this caught me off guard i had seen a lot of forums that this will help you. So i decided i would give it the old college try and put it to the test. well here are the results.
3 mintues and 23 seconds on average search time. (including the amount of time it takes me to exit and restart game)
I have no idea why this works but i have a theory
Each time i started up MCC again it downloaded a match making update, maybe after a game or two this just resets, it could be a bug of some sort I don’t know but every single time i entered the find game tab after exiting the game it said a match making update was required.
Looking at these results the game is still clearly broken but this could at least help you get some MM games in.

here’s what i found so far:

After a good night of testing and reading on the forums, i found some of the best way to fix the searching time in Matchmaking even if, since the update on the servers the time improved a lot. Here’s my guide:

1st: look at your connection and NAT (Nat needs to be OPEN and not; moderate or even strict. then if you’re on open be sure to switch your country and region to USA, this improve a lot the time of searching!

2nd: Each time you start a game, start a timer on your phone, laptop, computer, mp3 etc… it takes 15-5minutes to find a game. if you don’t find a game in 5minutes just restart the search and you need to see the little circle turning around jhust after searching players so you know that you’re really searching for a game.

3rd: if all this doesn’t help out sign out take off the game and re-insert it. Then start a custom game by yourself and end it right away. After this go search a game in MM, this should help.

4th: If any of this work well i’m afraid i’m out of solution for now, but if you keep looking every hour on the BUG FEEDBACK thread, you’ll see new solutions to improve your game searching.

5th: Finally when you are searching a game be sure to be ‘‘in lobby’’ here’s a link to frankie’s guide for this part:
CLICK HERE for frankie’s guide


Was a pleasure, hopefully it helped some of you guys !

  • Brian