Station Zero-Nine (Team Slayer Map)

Station Zero-Nine (Link includes screenshots).
(Video coming soon).


Station Zero-Nine was a prosperous place that was rife with tourism. Every day, transports packed with civilians would fly to the space station so they could see what the planet they lived on looked like in its entirety. All of that changed, however, when a ship from the Outer Colonies suddenly appeared. Missiles pummeled one side of the station, killing civilians and station staff alike. Those unlucky enough to survive were sent floating into the freezing depths of space. Now a team of soldiers has boarded the station in an attempt to take control of it. You and your team are all that stands in their way. Your priority one objective is to eliminate the invading fireteam at all costs.


  • 2x Battle Rifle - 2x DMR - 4x SMG - 1x Hydra - 1x Shotgun - 1x Brute Plasma Rifle (Weapon Pad) - 1x Rocket Launcher (Weapon Pad) - 1x Needler (Weapon Pad).