State of Halo Clans & Clan Community

With such a wonderful refreshing new forum, that is just addictive to use and comes with a revitalized audience of fresh and veteran waypoint users here for Halo Infinite news, I thought to poise the great conversation of Halo clans and the community around them.

In what is also Halo 2’s 17th birthday and 17 years since we’ve seen the first clan system in a game over Xbox Live.

  • Do you like clans?
  • Do you hate them?
  • Have you been in a clan?
  • What has your experience been with clans?

I’ve noticed opinions are all over the place, #clan-chat in the Halo Discord server was used to kind of jab at people who role played or was into clans, probably because of a bad experience before or preconceived opinion. Those same opinions shared with most, are typically all the same thing

Bad actors who find influence over Halo and without skill or awareness attempt to lord over everyone over the game or in a Discord usually trying to persuade people into joining a cause of helping others see Halo clans differently from what they are in a cultish fashion, and stray away from just playing the game as it is intended to be played.

With that said I want this thread to not be a quasi-political science major test bed or a doomer “things weren’t as great as when I was 9 type of thread” and while that might be hard to ask for if you are reading this just try to make the conscientious effort not to. I want to hear some experiences from the community from you, the reader and about Halo clans and the niche that exists. Share your experiences with Halo clans and lets see how it compares with everyone elses. It should tell us what state the clan community is in by default.


Unfortunately, I’ve only enjoyed a few years under a clan but from what I’ve experienced there can be highs and lows to their existence. Clans offer a space for like-minded players to gather and reach for their greatest goals. When I was in a clan for a short time, we focused mostly on improving ourselves with the hopes of reaching a pro-player status. When not sharpening our skills we did a load of customs and had a blast. We even mingled with other clans which eventually landed us all under a larger community. On the other hand, toxicity can be a major killer for clans. I’ve seen this happen too but from an outside perspective. Either teammates within the clan ripping each other apart, or tearing into the other team far beyond trash talking has helped create a really bad picture for clans. That being said, I’d love to see the continuation of clans especially now with more people online and active. It’s a great opportunity within and outside of gaming to make strong player connections.

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