Stasis, the first post launch arena map

So it looks as if, after multiple failed attempts, 343 has finally released an arena map, that the community is willing to accept.

Let’s hope in the future they actually involve the pro community while the maps are in the layout stage, not post art . Either they aren’t including their in house pro team, or the pro team is too invested to give true honest criticism. Overgrowth, Riptide, Tyrant, and even Torque weren’t playable from even a moderately competitive stand point. Please, no more winding hallways/grenade traps and disjointed sprawling messes with no site lines.

Oh, and Stasis would be 1000x better if you just made it symmetrical.

Agreed. Stasis is probably one of my favorite maps right now.

i like Torque :slight_smile:

I really enjoy it also

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> i like Torque :slight_smile:

I hate Torque, I like Stasis though lol

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> > 2533274862773120;3:
> > i like Torque :slight_smile:
> I hate Torque, I like Stasis though lol

Torque isn’t bad for playing casual since the rising and falling pillars add a bit of a dynamic element for fun play. I played Stasis once, and it played quite nicely. Ob an unrelated note, there should be a casual arena mode with every arena map and not just the HCS maps that have weapon placements meant for a more casual play; for example, instead of the shotgun on Eden, it was swapped out for a gravity hammer, more H2 BRs instead of H5 battle rifles and CE magnums as power weapons.

i played it most in fiesta and just preffered it to the other… maps, looks cool to :smiley: