Starts today ■ alpha pack event ■ forced LSS for ugly cosmetics?

(Upcoming event)

You want people to suffer with, last man standing…
To unlock some garbage.

I hope none of the weekly ultimates, are good during active weeks.

Almost nothing could make rakshasa look good.
Certainly nothing from this event

And the ultimate is a paperclip weapon charm…


I feel like the S2 armor is void of context like the Reach armor had. Seems like skins are mostly only available for purchase except for some bland options.

This event we will have to play last spartan standing, to progress.
Lets hope during those weeks the ultimate rewards suck.

Every shader for rakshasa, is either bland or bizarre.

All the helmets are complicated/ clustered.
The back is in desperate need of any kind of covering/ armor.


The only ultimate reward I have not gotten so far is whatever was the reward for the second week of LSS last time. I could not bring myself to do it.

Play Halo for more Rakscheiße or play Stray? Hmm…

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If HaiJacks leaks on reddit are correct then this weeks is a gun charm of Clippy with a helmet.

Also, did anybody else here get the last LSS event pass, interference, entirely free since you only needed to be subjected to one match of it before everyone shamed them into giving it out?

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Honestly I like the helmet. It gives me the old halo 5 Fred concept art style. It’s really cool in my opinion.

This here is the main issue with the fracture cores imo.

Like, I can’t even use basic red on rakshasa. I either get two versions of pink, or a bright red eighties jazzercise suit…


Morrigan looks great though.

Although I will say I kinda agree, moreso that it seems like they’re treating Rakshasa as an Event Core armor rather than a SEASONAL Core. And also that while Morrigan looks great, it does get a pretty crappy lookin’ attachment.

Forest Camo looks nice though. Less wacky and far more grounded, and the regular helmet looks good on it’s own (in my opinion).


One good helmet saves rakshasa?

1/3 of rakshasa helmets already look like it.
Complicated mouth piece small visors

Putting aside the overall state of Infinite’s customization (or lack thereof), I would say that this is one of the better 10-level event passes. Better than Cyber Showdown at any rate. You’ve got an armor piece in 8 out of the 10 levels, an armor coating in one, and a weapon coating in one.

Do I wish that there were more pieces per level? Absolutely yes. As an example, I wish you could unlock two helmet attachments instead of just one in the same level. But at least what’s there in the event pass looks nice (IMO).

At the very least, going forward this is the standard that future event passes need to meet if 343 actually wants some level of player retention for these events. I don’t give an f about the whole “storyline” or LSS game mode. I just want my time playing to be worthwhile.

Um… No? It’s pretty heckin’ distinct. Hell, I have Infinite on and comparing it to the current helmets available. No other helmet looks like it. So that’s cap. The only helmets that look similar to each other are Rakshasa and Rasetsu, which, while it makes sense “Lore-Wise”, I think still looks dumb. Every other helmet is, indeed, unique.
I don’t think Rakshasa looks bad, and while I have some minor criticisms towards the core, I don’t think it’s “beyond saving” or whatever.

EDIT: So, after some more examination, I’ll give ya some more credit, yeah, ULLR and Cambion do share some of the blockiness, but they’re still unique if you put them all together due to how they’re shaped compared to each other.

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Respect. There is no greater meaning or whatever to this reply.
Just, respect. Hope you’re having fun man.

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Simple solution. I just dont play LSS, never. Dont care what im missing. I hate this game mode.


I don’t either, I hate the gamemode, I don’t think it’s fun, partially because I don’t like FFA modes, partially because I think it’s poorly designed…

Unfortunately I also want the armor attached to the event. So, hope you have fun with the rest of the game.


Duck auto-Quebec.

╰( ͡° ͜ ͡°)⊃━☆゜・。。・゜゜・。。・☆゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜

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You have to play it for event progress.

And because they are challenges they count toward the weekly ultimate reward.

As long as LSS challenges don’t say “win”
Instant suicide and 10 minutes of YouTube.

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I know, but i rather miss all rewards as to play LSS


idk the rewards seem neat this week