Starting with the foundations

I am putting together a team of friendly, yet competitive players to prepare for the release of Halo 4. We will be playing Reach casually until it comes out, so join up now and have some fun learning to play as a team.

No K/D requirement, but there will be no boosting/cheating either. We play by the rules, and we win or lose by the rules. Trash talking is acceptable, although skill tends to speak a lot louder.

Reply here or message me on XBOX Live if you’re interested.

-ministerof d00m

where you from? I would be somewhat interested if you dont live on the other side of the globe…I happen to be strongly considering joining some sort of team in Halo 4 definitely if there will be a good ranking system.

USA, central time.

Halo 4 will have a ranking system I’m sure. I’m hoping for one more along the lines of Halo 2’s, instead of the gradual progression Reach has (along with the Divisions in the Arena…too sloppy for my tastes).