Starting weapon logic

After looking through feedback, I’ve seen a lot preach that the AR needs a range nerf. I can’t really put together where this leads to. You will have an AR with no range and a pistol with not much range.

These are a few common scenarios that I could see being an issue.

1- What will you do if you have skilled precision players dancing around in your spawn? Hide with the no range weapons and hope they walk past or ask if you can quickly grab a power weapon from the wall? Spawn traps will be tough. Players thought it was bad before, now you’ll be completely powerless.

2- They steal your flag and are driving away, do we just wish them dead or ask them to wait while we “explore the sandbox” to look for something to shoot them with? You know how powerful that warthog turret is, running at them with the AR doesn’t seem logical.

3- Will this add more power to power weapons that are cluttered on the map? Meaning if you leave spawn without one, you’ll be at a large disadvantage?

The point I’m making here is you’re going to make the game so heavily based on picking up extremely powerful weapons to do anything in most scenarios and you’re not going to always have the option to use them leaving you essentially useless.

I wasn’t a fan of the AR start, going to make that clear however without it’s range, that game would have been awful to play. Some people hate precision starts but in BTB I don’t think there’s even an alternative. The AR in the recent flight essentially served as a BR for someone that can’t aim, probably intentional.

The whole argument against BR start was it takes away from other weapons placed on the map, deeming them useless but every weapon you can pick up hits like a truck and way harder than the BR to begin with. So out of all the Halo games, doesn’t it now make more sense than ever to have them in? I mean given the map size also?

I feel like this will become a camp fest and you’re going to find yourself powerless in situations where your team is on the bad end, it will snowball and cause quitting.

This is my view, I don’t claim to speak for anyone and if anyone has an alternative perspective, I will be happy to read.

I think the biggest issue for me was that the AR seemed really accurate at medium to longer ranges and kept a lot of its damage without much drop off. This was really evident when I was in training mode against bots where it felt like they were killing me from a little too far away with the AR. I think that its good that the AR can pepper people from farther away to suppress enemies with precision weapons but often I felt like it was just as good if not better at killing people from medium to far distances as a BR. I think at those longer ranges the AR should still be viable as a way to descope things like the Sniper and BRs that may be aiming at you but it should not be dealing very much damage at all. I also feel like tightening the spread of the AR a little bit could be helpful for those close range engagements because often I felt like my entire reticle would be on somebody but the bloom/spread made me feel like I was missing half of my shots.