Starting New Clan - Looking for Experienced Leader

Hello Waypoint,

I am looking to start a new clan on MCC. I am very experienced myself and I’m looking for others who are willing to start a clan.

A Little Back Story:

I have been apart of, and leading clans since Halo 2. I’ve seen my fair share of good clans, along with bad ones too. I feel I’ve gotten the sense, for the most part, of knowing what works and what doesn’t work in clans. I’ve been searching for a decent clan on MCC but have yet to find one, so I figured I’d try to put my expertise to good use.

What I’m Looking For:

That being said, I’m only looking for a certain type of people, not just some random Joe who doesn’t know diddly about clans. I hope to find people with a decent amount of experience (Over 1-2 years preferably.) I also only wish to find people who are mature, I have a rule of thumb about not being younger than 15 but that can be bent for exceptionally mature people under that age. I’m also looking for other minor things that don’t matter nearly as much.

What I Have to Offer:
As I previously said, I’ve been doing this since the Halo 2 days. I have nearly 10 years of experience under my belt. I’ve led many successful clans, along with my fair share of unsuccessful too, which has taught me what works. I’ve also made many websites (Weebly, Webs, iClanwebsites, etc.), which means once we officially decide what we’re doing, we can get a website up ASAP.

This isn’t all, once I get the other leaders picked, I will answer any other questions you may have.

The Clan:
I have a basic idea of what I plan to do, but obviously, nothing is set in stone. I will say that it must be a military roleplay (Ranks and anything like that). Other than that, it could be anything. I will also say that I enjoy having branches/departments, and they tend to work if set up correctly. I also would like to partake in casual and serious clan battles, along with an MLG team if that is what we want. I enjoy a somewhat of a point system, such as, if you get a certain amount of recruits, or successfully lead a game or clan battle, or other things like that, then you get a promotion. That is only part of what I hope to see in this clan, but it is all up to the members.
Lastly, I am looking for 2-4 other leaders to help get this started.
I hope to see my vision become real, and I hope to see us prosper. However, this cannot happen without good, experienced, dedicated leaders to sow the seeds of this clan.

If you wish to help me, and for me to help you start this clan then leave a comment. Or send me a private message on this site (Preferred).

In the message, please include:


Any Short Comments:

I will send you a message as soon as I read your message.
Thank You

The search is still on! We are still looking for experienced leaders! You DO NOT need to meet all requirements, only most.

Also, if you have any defining qualities (Video Editing, Ready Recruits, Etc.) be sure to add that too.

I would love to Play some Competitive games with you and your clan. However I am not keen on been Labelled as been in your Clan. Think of it as acting like I am in your clan but im not. By this I mean I do NOT want to feel like I MUST be fully dedicated to your clan.
Experience: I have been loving halo since I got my first halo game Halo Ce on original Xbox and halo 2 . I never had online play that all started with Halo Reach. I was absolutely Terrible at Reach when I first started playing it I was Absolutely TERRIBLE . However towards my lat 5 months of Halo Reach I was ABSOLUTELY WRECKING THE GAME. I have played ALL Halo games online and I can hold my own Extrmely well. I have had my fair share of Competitive games with terrible teams and Good teams. I also Cant stress enough that you need TO ALWAYS have communication when playing it really does mean the difference between winning and losing.
AGE: 16 (almost 17)
Short Comments: I don’t want to feel like im tied down by your clan and instead just act as the extra person who will always play with a good team. I absolutely love the Halo Championship Series playlist which is why I like communication. I also hope that you seriously consider the potential of me been available to help in your clan.

We have laid the plans and I have created a website. It still in a Work In Progress. We are still looking for a few more active, experienced leaders.

I messaged you on the 343 site, but will reply here
I have played Halo since Halo CE, giving 10 years of experience. Halo easily falls in my top ten favorites. Halo 3 was massive for me, as I join a military roleplay style clan called UMC. (I think that was the name) I started as a lowly soldier, and with leadership skills, I progressed to become the second in command. When the commander was away, I was in charge. I have extensive knowledge of the military, and with web site design. I am 20 years old, and live on the east coast of the USA.

I am highly interested, as I love competitive, and really love just having fun through comraderie. My GT is BlackSteelDragn.