Starting matches with deaths

I have played three matches today, all three I joined a match in progress. In two of them I started the match with 1 death, presumably I’m getting loaded into matches while still in the loading screen and getting killed while sitting there stationary. (Also, despite being set to local, living in a major metropolitan area, and having excellent internet, 2/3 of the matches were desyncing lag fests, frustrating but a separate issue).

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This happened to me a few times this morning, I joined a match that was in progress and as I was loading in got spawn killed.

This is interesting. I’ve not had that happen yet, however I have had matches where I load already taking damage or I find myself standing on a live grenade. I am wondering if it is something like that and you just end up seeing the re-spawn screen immediately . Either way report it if becomes a bigger issue.

This has happened to me also. But I should add it also happened in some older Call of Duty’s.
This is probably a similar issue to the 1 second delay I have most games. Like, spawning in but I have been there for a second already, or walking over pickups and they “pick up” over a second later.

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I’ve experienced this before as well, and possibly in other Halo titles as well, but I can’t recall completely

Yep, just means you’re one more AFKer that needs to be booted :joy: