Starting LASO run on MCC soon need a few friends to halp

need a few frens to halp with laso. much appreciate. just dm me on xbox or somthin or reply to post ill get to it eventually

Which games you need help with? I’m down to help out with a few levels.

If its HCE or H2 im down too

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I’ve been playing a lot of LASO recently on CE. I’m actually trying to do it deathless so I’ve found some super consistent and safe strategies that aren’t in any of the guides. Feel free to PM me if you’re stuck on any part.

LASO CO-OP is busted. Had to do Halo 3 LASO two times cause of it

im just doing a laso run of MCC i might do infinite/Halo 5’s but halo some of H5’s skulls are difficulty specific and also need specific triggers so prob just CEA/H2A/H3/H4 rn

im doing a run of the MCC titles

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also reach and ODST possibly

So I’m unavailable online for the next month, but I’ll gladly give you pointers anywhere you get stuck on CE. Like I said, the walkthroughs online are great, but there are other routes and quirks they don’t mention.

My best advice is to start playing with the aim assist off skull now.

T&R is by far the hardest level, once you get past it, the rest is just a matter of doing it.

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also im in US EST timezone and I have school so not on till around 4:00 to 5:00 US EST