Starting fresh and looking to start a uk team with good vibes

Even tho i do enjoy playing solo it would be great to experience a more imersive game and i do find i flurish with a good bunch of player!

Its just a shame so many hard headed players out there! tuff to get along now days! as a lot of them they are full of hate and selfish nature about them ‘‘really rude’’ character’s out there unfortunately.

I must admit i am fussy about who i play with and i guess that why i find myself going solo!

If your a great player who plays on your own most of the time you can be bullied for it on this game! lol
I guess the jealousy runs deep kids are on standby to create a false image of you in no time .

It can be tuff to tolerate these toxic vibes that are so common now days i must admit i have found myself falling into this toxic nature and have learnt allot from it and wanna start fresh!

If i have ever been like this to any of my fellow Spartans then i am sorry and i hope you can forgive me.

For me its not about your skillset as much as your character/personality’s which you cant change in a person so for me thats the base and from there we can improve our strats and chemistry’s and form a coalition of brave/honest and caring/loving Spartans.

I love to train and learn new stuff and would like to think i know 1 or two thing that would be useful to others like myself .

Hit me up my tag is ‘‘Desi br’’ lets see if we can work together and take on the world :slight_smile:

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I know I am really negative towards you, but I think joining up with you would be nice and help me see out of your eyes so I can understand you better. (I do live in USA :muscle: but i am pretty good so Ya don’t want to miss out on me) Hit me up on my Gamertag: DRad2011 or I can hit you up, whichever works best. PEACE!

Will you actually answer my question? Or no.

DRad2011 do you have a group I can look at joining too? I’m from uk and new to the online chat world.

Sounds perfect for me! Where do I sign???

I domt know of one yet but we could hop on together if you would like.