Starting Elite Halo 4 Swat Clan!

Hello everyone!

My name is Big Mike, and I absolutely love playing Swat.

First off, have you ever been sick and tired of losing game after game because not you, but your teammate(s) kept dying off?! Well, I have the same issue and that’s why I came to HaloWaypoint today to find some help!

I’m looking to start up an ELITE Swat Clan/Team. I want very good players that average at least 20 kills plus, per game.

I will start creating the clan with players that respond here obviously and will be searching for other Elite players elsewhere as well. Once we have a solid number of recruits, we can hold a couple games to see who is the most advanced, then making 2 teams, equally talented. And if we have a massive amount of turnouts, we can have 1 Top Elite, and 2 Mid-Elite Squads.

My goal is to first of all, meet new, better Swat players to have fun. Secondly, to demolish every single game as an Elite Swat group. Of course, if you don’t get on the Top Elite Squad, you can ask to match anyone at that time and then you 2 can go 1v1. I want to give equal rights to everyone inside the clan to be the best player they can be.

Also, I will be helping ANY players within the Squad who needs and wants help. This will include a couple Elite players of the Top Team, including myself, to help you with Spawns and Callouts. Once we establish a nice array of people, the tryouts and Team Placements can begin.

I hate to sound rude or cruel, but please be a very strong Elite Swat player in Halo 4 to join this Clan. I want this clan to be recognized within the Halo 4 Swat Community and every time they see our uniforms and service tags, they’ll get scared.

REQUIREMENTS: The only requirements that I do have for the clan, is:

1: Be a very Elite Swat player, average at least 20 kills a game.

2: Have a microphone to help with Callouts within the game.

3: Be respectful.

4: Have as much fun as possible.

5: If you are a Top Elite team member and a lower team member asks for assistance, please help them out.

  1. Have as much fun as possible.

Thank you for all that have read this post! Please post here to join my Elite Swat Squad!

P.S.! I almost forgot, when we have the Elite Top Team created, we will be having an open discussion for what the clan name can be, and what emblems/service tags we will be wearing. Also, a uniform if needed.

Thanks again!

Big Mike.