Starting Camera

When the game first starts in a real match you get that camera that shows your team, and at first I thought it was mad cool, but when I went into theatre the start out camera shows your team and the enemy team walk up to each other. It looks so bad -Yoink-. I wish they would make this the default camera in real matches. I think it makes it that much more competitive

I’ve noticed that too and wish they would implement it online also.

this is a thing?


not to be “that guy” but i had similar thoughts about Destiny’s pre game

they didnt introduce the “face off” until Trials of Osiris (3v3 breakout for those that arent familiar with the game)

I find it odd that they use the “Face Off” camera in Theatre, but not in the Actual Match itself. It’s a waste of an awesome starting camera. Most don’t even know the “Face Off” cam exists.