Starting a new community - detailed post

Hello my name is Ex Element. You may call me Element. I am here today looking for new people to help with a vision, a vision for the betterment of online gaming for the halo 4 community and beyond! I have a simple goal in mind, but this simple goal will be a road of dedication and I will be needing people to help with this goal. My goal is to create a Gaming Community first starting with Halo 4 and possibly expanding into other games later on down the road. With this community I want it to be fun, exciting for new members and old members as well. It will be ran similar to UEG, DHG, KSI and others a like.

Starting Plans:

  1. Get the Founding force - this means that I will need founders for my community that will help establish this community at the very beginning. They will help with recruiting, promotions, any drama that arises, establishing a clan name.

  2. Recruitment Process - Everyone knows that with a community you need members, in order to get members, you have to recruit. So we will figure out the best way to go about recruiting and we shall do so to bring new members in.

  3. New Member involvement - This part is the most crucial part of starting a gaming community. You don’t want to start out by getting a bad name for yourself. So lets have competitive game nights, custom game nights, minecraft nights for those with minecraft. Get the members involved and get to know them! We are here to make friends and enjoy each other in what we all love. Video Games

Those are the first 3 main points that we will have to cover, the rest can come later once we get more members and are able to establish a active player base with in the community.

You may ask your self - is this something I am interested in? the answer is simple. Whether you want to be a founder or a staff member with special tasks, or a member. Remember we all need a place we need to call home, a place where we can make a difference big or small. This new community is going to be just that! Lets make a home, LETS MAKE A LEGEND!

Contact me @ Ex Element on Xbox Live if you are interested in becoming a founder for this community. For reasons that I will say, I need the founders to be mature and be able to handle drama not with anger or greed but with respect. We don’t like drama, so lets keep it out.

This may not seem important but do you have a name?

I’ve always wanted to be in a clan called Special Patrol Group lol.

Im definatly interested. Send me a friend request.
GT: Skuully

no I have not come up with a name yet, Once I get enough people on board. We will come up with a name.

Skully I sent you a message, your friends list was full


Looking for more founders!

Please stop bumping your thread as that’s against the rules. The recruiting forum rules still apply and that means one substantial bump a week.


I will keep thinking about it element. I’ve meant a lot of great people in UEG and I don’t want to leave just as soon as i have joined.Otherwise I think it is a great idea.If i have any ideas i will shoot you a message.

When You have a chance I would like to know what type of clan/community you are willing to create, I will help.

I am wondering why you just randomly removed me and everyone that wanted to help you make the community you requested help for…