starting a new clan

Hey guys, im looking to start a new little group?clan for halo 4 and maybe other games.

The clan is yet to recieve a name so suggestions are welcome.

If you look for fun with the aim of winning then please join, this is a casual clan more than competitive.

I will allow most to join, but not campers, very young children or people who constantly moan when losing.

Only rule: you must use the clan emblem at all times although your armour may remain personalised.

Please feel free to message me on the halo site or message me on xbox live,

Gamertag - tomoyota

Any comments/suggestions welcome.

I have a few good name suggestions if you are interested? Along with clan logos and such. Give me a message on here I would be happy to help!

any name suggestions are welcome,im sorted for logos, mottos, emblems etc…

again if anyone would like to join or has suggestions please feel free to post

i realise people may be more intersted if they knew a bit about how i play.

im more casual and jokey than serious and competitive, although i do enjoy playing to win.

my rank in halo reach is brigadier rank 2 but i havent been playing for some months now, only just getting back into halo.

in terms of my K/D ratio, its not great, normally around 1.1 but i do often get a high amount of kills, and im very very good in team swat often getting high score.

still needing a lot more players to join the clan

only got a few new members, but theres still time before halo comes out

If the clan is casual then why u making ppl wear emblems?

Tomoyota I thought u said u wanted to join The Exiles so r u joining or not

Sorry if u were gonna start a clan with tomoyota but he is joining the Exiles his friend was on his account but if anyone else wants to join The Exiles we have plenty of openings do just reply on my post