Start up X-UI Clan halo reach player's!

Hey, so right this clan was the whole friend thing before so it consisted of a few friends now i’m restarting the X-UI clan but i’m hoping as a leader i can get more player’s to join the team we are just looking for some fun time people who want to enjoy reach with other’s. If you are interested my name is Naomi and my gamer tag is NaomiScott2212 we are only on Xbox 360 at the moment. My main recruiter is R00Kie 911 and if he is not available please come to my second in command MINIxxDragon or even me if you want to, you don’t have to have a mic but we would prefer if it was possible. We like everyone to have fun so if you are in my clan and have any problems i’m very happy to help you through anything. Matchmaking will be run if people want to rank up we also hold many custom games you can join and play with new people or truly good friends we hope you should make while with us.