Start punishing people from leaving ranked!!!!!

Why is there no punishment for leaving ranked matches like there was in halo 5? No penalty at all. Start giving penaltys to players who leave ranked matches. ;!

But there are penalties, like rank loss and mp ban. Dont forget, sometime you just get disconnected from match.

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There are punishments. You get a temp.ban if you leave ranked matches and that will get longer and longer the more you quit (it also never resets if i heared correctly). And you are not only getting banned from ranked matches, but also social matches and bot bootcamp (so only academy and campaign are then playable for that time).

But also keep in mind that people also can get connection issues (on their own internet, but often also just the halo servers itself).

And also don’t forget: a ban system doesn’t stop people from ruining your match. It only gives them a consequence if they leave, but people who aren’t enjoying themself and want to get out of that match, will leave that match (no matter if there is a ban or not) or otherwise just AFK (or in slayermode sometimes deliberately giving away kills to end the match quicker). Nothing will make them play if they don’t want to anymore.