Start perma banning people who quit or afk in ranked

No. Remember that network issues and crashes happen. It’s not fair to ban users.


I don’t think it’s the player’s fault they are disconnecting before the game starts. There are players in other countries that can’t connect well to United States and are asking to be on their own server. They get insane lag and it’s not fun playing.

If anything, I think there should be a reconnect option to a match if you disconnected. I had a friend who got DC’d before a match and had to restart his game. He tried to rejoin, but there was no option for that.


Banning people will NEVER prevent them from quitting. In order to keep people in games you have to reward them doing so instead of punish them if they don’t. Pretty simple pyschology…

If you start perma banning people because of using a build in feature, the game will be dead in 6 months.

343 was too lazy to look at the problematic even though they had 6 years to do so and plenty data from H5.

There are plenty of ways to improve the situation, other games already use them…


There’s been issues with games crashing and servers booting people, more so since the Yoroi event launched. Just be patient with it. I’m sure a lot of people aren’t quitting on purpose.

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What it means is if you end up on a team and someone quits regaurdless of reason that the match is cancelled no one recieves a win no one recieves a loss no one is penalized your returned to the lobby to reque for a match and to get better team mates ect. So with that said let me put in a valid argument you say quitting is unsportsmanlike and deserves to be penalized? But yet its ok to delibrately force your team to loose by getting one kill and then feeding the enemy team kills and letting them win? How is that not unsportsmanlike? Furthermore how is that not gameplay sabatoge? As its forcing me to go down in rank due to throwers throwing the matcb withbk all due respect dont have the one penalized and not the other when gameplay sabatoge is more unsportsman like then quitting i have a right to quit when i want and dont deserve to be paired with folks that throw a match because its odd ball or strongholds. Tdlr replace quit bans

There are so many quitters in ranked, many of them probably crash but still there are too many

I agree that quitting is unsportsmanlike and is overall problematic to the community. That’s not what I’m responding to. I definitely think it needs to be addressed.

What I’m contesting you on is your proposed solution because it’s easily abused and I was trying to explain how it’s easily abused.

A season ban for leaving once? Nah. I get that having someone quit is frustrating and multiple offenders should have some sort of ban but this is real life and things happen. You shouldn’t get banned cuz something popped up all of a sudden or the game kicked you out. That’s stupid.


Withdraw 5$ from their Credit Card every time they quit

There’s actually a common loading screen crash that’s happening in ranked right now, so they need to finish this beta before they start penalizing people for leaving. There does need to be a rejoin option before that as well

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5 hours of ranked, console only, one quitter.

I’m on pc, maybe they were crashing, but most of those people left when they were losing so I don’t think it’s the case