Start a Halo Club?

So I’m a fairly hardcore Halo FPS player, but I’ve kind of taken a break recently to play other games. I’m only like level 13 or 14 at Halo Wars 2 and I’m not that good but I’d like to find more people to play with. Ranked, Social, or even Customs which might be ideal if y’all are as inexperienced as I am. When I learned Killer Insitnct it was always best to just play sets against friends. Anyways I was thinking we should start a Halo Wars 2 Club for Xbox Live based off the Wapoint forums. I’ve never started one so someone else has to do it lol.

GT: Anarchist Esq

Try the “Halo Wars nation” club, 15,000 members I believe. Folks always looking to team up.