Starlancer/ Freelancer sequel and other cool ideas.

I know what you are thinking. Starlancer and Freelancer are way off topic, and off board.
But, they are IPs of Microsoft, and a sequel is long overdue.
And to make that idea fit with this board, as well as make it even more awesome, is if said sequel was set in the Halo Universe. Basically we would get to play around in our ships and also get to explore that other galaxy far far away. We know that there was a civil war before the covenant found us at Harvest. What better setting for the return of a freelancer? You could choose sides, and get pulled into the opening stages of the Covenant war.

Halo: Reach has space dogfights in it. I can’t tell from the 3 seconds I saw, but it seems to me that is a sign that a freelancer game set in the Halo Universe is possible from a vehicle standpoint as well.

So, post here if you think Halo: Freelancer would work, or your reasons for why it wouldn’t work.

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idk man next you goung to say there should be a halo version of myst ha ha actuly any game with a halo them might work lol

Ive been thinking this for ages! Its about time we got a new freelancer. The tech demos for it were out standing! Its such a shame it got cancelled. But you never know maybe this is what microsoft have had in mind all along.
And yeah the space parts of Reach were near identical to freelance. Makes me wonder what bungies new MMO might be.
Im all game for a Halo Freelancer