Standard issue

Standard Issue
Level 5/5
Kill an enemy Spartan with a standard weapon

What is considered a standard weapon? AR, BR, Pistol, DMR?

I’ve read a lot of different theories on this. Our company used default loadout weapons with their standard scope. DMR, pistol, assault rifle, SMG, BR, etc but with no attachments or special scopes. I can definitively confirm the H2BR does count as a standard issue as well.

This is one of the ones that takes a while, along with marines, grenades, and headshots.

Same as CoverMyMeds. I’ve heard conflicting statements on this. Some have said they’ve carried out studies where they recorded numbers before and after. The results show that any weapon from the “Loadouts” menu will count for that commendation.

However, there is are other reports which state only the default scope applies. I have not heard of a “study” as the one I mentioned before.

I believe it’s the former, where any loadout weapon counts. The reason I think this is the case is because the kill feed and post-game report don’t take weapon variants into account. So, for example, a kill with a Tac Mag and a Gunfighter both count as Magnum kills. I don’t know how exactly it’s tracked by the game’s code, so this is all theory since nothing has been confirmed.

Agreed with the past two posts, never really got confirmation on this either. When we were grinding it, I told my Company to play it safe and just use the very basic weopn, no attachments. BR, AR, Magnum, DMR, SMG and the H2 BR. Some swore to me the attachments worked, but I’m not convinced because I’ve tried using them and didn’t see progress. Basically, play it safe and grind swat

Standard weapons are pretty much the loadouts weapons you can spawn with in Halo 4. The tier 3 variants such as Blood of Suban and Open Hand do not count and are considered power weapons.