Stalker-Nemesis Mod: HUD or Motion Sensor?

Ok so I have seen mixed reports about the Stalker Specialization and the Nemesis armor mod it will offer when leveled up. Is it that there will be notification on the game’s motion sensor indicating who killed/attacked you last, or is it that there are arrows on the screen’s heads up display? It’s actually a big difference, since if it’s just on the motion sensor, you will have to be within range of the player to know where he/she is, but if it’s an arrow on the HUD they literally won’t be able to escape you anywhere they hide… In my opinion that would be the most overpowered ability in the game, because in team play you could literally track the location of at least 1 enemy player at nearly all times… That’s a ridiculous advantage especially for limited edition purchasers to have first… But if it does show up on the HUD please at least tell me there will be limitations on it, like maybe a timer, range or line of sight requirements, so that if the player eludes you for a while, or stays out of range, or your line of sight, he can get away? If not, it’s basically just incorporating an element of “screen-watching” into the online multiplayer… It makes me seriously reconsider Halo 4 to be honest, and I’m a long time fan of the lore and multiplayer… I’ve read all kinds of things about this, some say it’s an arrow or a pop up on the HUD, some said it would show up on the radar only. I believe 343’s statement was that it would show up on the “passive sensors”, but then in an interview one of the 343i personnel called it a pop up on the HUD. A pop up on the HUD would seem the opposite of “passive” to me, so I am hoping it means the motion sensors… Anyone have news or specifics confirmed by 343i about this yet? Thanks!

P.S. Are they seriously not allowing us to pick up grenades off dead players, or carry 2 power weapons at once, without armor mods? Isn’t that just basically taking the things we could always do before and making them limited, like when bungie nerfed the pistol? I mean I didn’t mind dumbing down the pistol from Halo 1 to Halo 2 a little (though I thought it was way TOO nerfed), but this is completely UN-familiar to Halo gameplay… I’m not looking to buy Call of Duty here ya know 343…

Well, to be honest I did find it kind of annoying when someone hogged power weapons (Rocket Launcher + Spartan Laser for example), and I got sick of people chucking as many grenades as they could while running like a headless chicken.

I think that the armor mods are a double edged sword. I did enjoy having two power weapons, especially for machinima purposes, but I feel it does benefit players by allowing them to grow without relying on power weapons (as the other armor mods will be useful in countering it, for instance).

And 343 is probably changing their style, like other companies coughcapcomcough to A) draw in a larger audience, or B) to differentiate themselves from Bungie.

I see your point. I am still not a fan of dumbing things down that we have always been able to do before. I hope that at the very least 343 will listen to feedback about the gameplay as matches progress after launch. A classic playlist is a simple fix for players who want a more traditional Halo experience (sans mods and new stuff), and if the community speaks up about any changes that may not be working, I hope 343 will hear them and make the necessary changes like they did with Reach’s bloom (even though I liked bloom’s sense of timing). Nice to have a reply and some votes soon after I posted Hex. Hopefully a dev can confirm soon about the potential Nemesis armor mod issues. I love customization and varied styles of gameplay personalization, but I prefer it be implemented in a way that doesn’t undermine balanced battle encounters. So far, Nemesis is the only armor ability I’ve seen that has the potential to subvert this.

Does no one else have any definitive information on how 343 is going to control the nemesis mod?? Anyone?!

> Does no one else have any definitive information on how 343 is going to control the nemesis mod?? Anyone?!

Have no fear! I have the answer! Whoever hurts you or kills you will be marked on your HUD until they are killed by anyone or if you are killed. This only lasts for five seconds or so and then they are unmarked.

Hope this helps.

The Mod shows a waypoint over the person that last killed you for a few seconds. It will stay on him until he is killed, or 5 or so seconds have passed(whichever comes first).

As for the 2nd question: You cannot pick up grenades off of dead players unless you have the grenadier mod. Either pick the mod, or learn the map and swap your starting grenade to pick up more grenades.

You can pick up 2 power weapons without the need of firepower. Firepower only allows you to START with 2 primary weapons, and is not needed to swap your secondary weapon with another gun.

The responses here are epic guys. Thanks for the info. Stalker is a great mod then, keeps it interesting without sacrificing balance. Also, the firepower mod sounds better to me now as well. The grenades thing is still kind of annoying since if I have already used my starting grenades and there is one on the floor in front of me, I should really be able to pick those up, and use them in a spur of the moment situation. Makes things interesting, and thats always how it has been in halo, but of those 3 things, 2 of them being better than expected, I guess I can just get over the one that I don’t like. I guess one thing that could offset it is if we get to choose what kind of starting grenades we get. Is that the case? Also, am I understanding it correctly, that we can NEVER pick up grenades off of dead players unless we had the mod, or is it that the mod allows you to pick up EXTRA grenades off of dead players, but we can replenish our starting grenades with those other players have dropped as long as we are not carrying any at the time. Thanks!

> This only lasts for five seconds or so and then they are unmarked.

Ah, so it’s useless from the start.