Stage Rating: Colusium


  • CTF: 9/10

  • Doubles: 7/10

  • FFA: 6/10

  • Slayer: 8/10

  • Colusium; a stage designed to be an epic battle ground, which for the most part, it delivers beautifully. Arguably one of the best maps H5 has to offer.

  • CTF - In CTF, a symmetrical map is always preferred but for some reason, Colusium scratches a certain itch not many other stages can do. The Sniper rifle can be used just as effectively as the Scatter Shot. There are choke points but there are many routes back to base. To me, it is one of the best CTF maps.

  • Doubles - Colusium is a big exception in the doubles world. Most of the time, Doubles prefers a smaller stage. To me, Tyrant is one of the pinnacle Doubles maps because of its small size. Normally, Colusium would not do too good but you can honestly get from base to base without being spotted. To truly win a doubles match, you and your teammate need to master the angles of this stage and goif you do, Colusium can act almost like Lockout. (Please no hate)

  • FFA - Personally, this is one of my least favorite FFA stages. Granted, this map is a beautiful FFA map, to me, it is just a little too big for a FFA. If you get Rocks/Snipe and you get control of Top Mid, you can dominate this stage. Your evasion skills need to be on point though. Very good FFA stage but, in my opinion, not great.

  • Slayer - Colusium is a great slayer map for the same reasons it’s a really good Doubles map. If you are sloppy, you will get crushed. If you master the shooting and evasion angles, you will dominate. There are a couple maps that are better for Slayer but not a lot.

, Vertikull out

Easily one of H5s few tolerable maps.

Overall 7/10