It’s me again.

I’ve literally been stabbed to death; playing Halo Reach…

But, once again, I don’t see in the manual how one performs this feat.

Can someone please shed some light on how to perform this?

Thanks in advance


When you hit someone from behind, hold down on the melee button and it should go into the assassination animation. That’ll only work if you sneak up behind someone though.

…ah, I see! Thanks…

Huh, does it really not say that in the manual? That’s interesting.

It was one of the highlights of Reach and the media played it up when it was announced. There are some creative animations too, my personal favorite is the head stomp.

That one was good. My favorites are the Spartan cutting the Elite’s leg out behind him and the Elite double-stabbing the Spartan’s head.

I’ve been stabbed so many times… I just gotta keep on playing online… New to the forums BTW. So add me guys :slight_smile: