SSC Wants YOU!

[Disclaimer: All are welcome, however only the selected, are officially recruited into the Selected Spartans Clan]
Hello fellow spartans. In Reach’s darkest hour the few, the noble, the selected, are called upon to serve. We are a new, small clan, however don’t let our numbers deceive you. We have strength in other areas, especially skill level. We do clan battles regularly and you must be an active halo player (Preferably active at least 2 days a week on halo). We welcome all to try our boot camp, but only if you are committed, skilled, and want an improved halo experience overall, you are selected. We have training sessions available to veteran spartans who return to halo and are a bit rusty. If you would like to see all that SSC [Selected Spartans Clan] Has to offer please feel free to visit- SSC Website

[Hopefully] As your future clan leader I am honored to have future recruits serve under SSC and its officers. This is a serious clan. We have fun by playing as an organized group. Message MD Neurosurgeon for enlistment and processing.

–See you on the Battlefield Soldier!

Also, we are going to expand to Halo 4, so if you don’t have reach, you won’t miss out.

This is MD Neurosurgeon, signing off. Better see some new blood on the battlefield tomorrow. Be prepared.

I thank all current recruits who were chosen today. You made this day a success!

Attention all Halo Spartans! Clan battle today [August 1st] At 6:00 p.m. Central time. If any last minute skilled halo players want to be in the clan and want to participate, send me a message via xbl.

Attention all current recruits clan battle will be sunday august 5.

SSC recently added teams and if interested look at our website.

This is the one I could not find. Hehe they are going to delete one.