SR152 Watchdog Coating is a Bit Disappointing

Not sure if it’s a glitch like the Jorge-kit’s textureless shoulder-piece (because the Watchdog gun-skins look exactly as advertised), but compared to the promo-pic, Watchdog in-game looks like an extremely weathered grey/silver, whereas the promo-pic for Watchdog is much more of a whiteish silver with stronger contrast against the black parts.

My suggestion would be adding a second armor-coating to the 152 reward-pile (maybe call it Top Dog to thematically tie in with Watchdog) that has the extremely clean, factory-new bright white/chrome red/pitch black look from the gun-skins so it looks like a more properly matched set. That way anybody who wants something a bit more subdued and gritty/dull can keep using Watchdog, but people like me who thought we were getting something more vibrant and high-contrast are happy as well.


Hopefully someone sees your post. t was quite a disappointment to see the end result from previous renderings. It would also be nice if there was a way to get it without leveling to 152 from a previous halo game for returning players to the franchise.

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I feel the same way. When I played my first game with it on it looked so similar to the default coatings. Just had a few red highlights. Super disappointing.

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