SR151 and SR152

Hi, I would like to know the time it takes to take these two levels.

I started Halo 5 on 09/01/18 and I’m SR150 today. So in six months (I did not play in January and February, I was on Halo MCC).
Is it possible to be SR151 in four months, for September? And I will say at least six months for the SR152, right?

Is it feasible and have I got ahead in six months?

It depends on the time you put in, 150 is only 48% of the way to 152. But I would say 151 is possible to reach before september.

It’s pretty much impossible to tell anyone how long it will take them because of the factors involved in getting to the ranks. It all depends on how much time you put in, what playlist you play and more importantly how lucky you get with XP boost. It’s best to try and set a XP goal for say per day or per week and try to get it.

OK, thanks. Generally I play every day at least 2 hours.
When there were Legendary XP boosts, I take a lot and I only played Warzone Firefight Heroic and I almost got to 1,000,000 XP a week to give you a glimpse.
Currently I do not have any more. I hope they will come back to the market. For the moment it’s boost XP Rare and Special and Jackpot Special.

Took me about 5-6 months of solid playing to get from 150 to 151. My aim was to get about 75k Xp per day and play 4-5 times per week. So by September is certainly possible if you get lucky with more boost packs and play a little more frequently. Good luck!

Ok thanks. Even 100,000 XP per day is feasible. It’s just more or less ten games.

Big grind but possible

Should be 152 end of this week - think it has taken me about a month and a half to go from 151 to 152. On those weekends with Warzone featured playlists, you can get 1mil a day with legendary boosts. You do have to nolife but it’s possible.


You could get it in a shorter time than that, but it mainly just depends on how much time you’re willing to play per day. A 100K XP goal a day would get there in around the time you wanted.

More than possible. You can get around 1 million per week. Since there’s about 15 million from 151 to 152 then I’d estimate that someone could get that rank within around maybe 4-6 months…really depends on how much you play the game. I’m just under the 6 million mark so I would be round 1-2 months but like said it really depends on how much free time the OP has since it can be done but only if finding the time. A good way around this is try to get 100k on monday-friday then try get the extra 500k on Saturday-Monday morning with the featured playlists. Also another trick is to wait on the ‘REQ’ packs since there are sometimes packs that get released that can give out legendary boosts while there are some that just give out vehicles/weapons mostly so it’s best to save up. I believe the last time I saved up I had around 12+ million RP and got myself around 50 legendary boosts, a load of arena legendary boosts so it helps.

Ok, thanks for your advice. I will continue my goal of 1,000,000 XP per week, or 142,000 XP per day. That seems alright to me.