SR130 Level Cap - Will 343 raise it?

Does anyone know if the level cap @ SR130 will be raised? Of course I have heard they may add one or two Specializations, but upping it by 20SR doesn’t seem ‘long term’ to me. Heck, in Reach, the levels (While meaning nothing really) kept going so high it was a joke. Still, it gave you something to ‘work at’. If I am about to crest SR120, am I pretty much just ‘done’ once the SR130 mark hits? What will be the point in continued pursuit of challenges etc?

It seems obvious that they would raise this, but I’m just looking for some clues if anyone has any.


No one really knows since 343 has yet to say anything. Im hopping they will. Iv had to switch to the LR and CC so i can save the xp for the Master commendations with the DMR and BR. I really enjoy playing the game but id hate to use up some of the high paying commendations since you dont bank xp

Luckily I’m only at 68, so I don’t have to worry yet. I do agree that 343 needs to up the level cap. They need to at least add 10 more specialization with the same or greater xp requirements.

Yeah I was thinking this too. I’m close to 120 and I’m wondering if there will be more.
I don’t play the game for level of course, but its nice to work toward something.

In reach I got to a fairly high level, but never expected to hit the cap. And I kind of liked the idea of continually working toward something.

I still live in hope that they will.

I’ve been a 130 since the early part of December… Took me a year or more to hit max rank on Reach…

TBH I doubt the exp level cap will be raised, as I believe 343 will use Ranking in matchmaking to fill in the role of the Spartan Ranking.

Granted they could do something later down the road we are not aware of, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Limitless rank, or give us an xp requirement such as one billion to hit max rank. That way it always looks like you’re leveling up even if it will take a lifetime.

I just dont get why its 130. Really random number. Thats why im thinking they have plans down the road

My guess is after season 1 of Spartan ops has ended when 343 has a chance from working on halo 5 they will mostly add Spartan ops season 2 along with specialization priority bravo pack mostly likely containing seven or eight specializations. This will keep the community busy and I would certainly enjoy that.

Unofficial, but while searching YT videos on “Halo 4 Specializations” I came across one which listed the specializations in order and claimed that “New specialization would be added in April 2013.”

No, I haven’t a link so as is it’s just a rumor.


I do think it would be nice to have other specializations. for example… One where you could teleport a short distance away from enemies like the knights do.

That way when you get tricked into being a target you could have a way out even though slight. Then sprint like mad to safety if the opportunity presents itself.

Open field ONLY, so Spartans wont get stuck half in and outside structures.