SR1 glitch ruined Infinity Challenge 4 me

I never got into any tournament before but I wished I had since I like the Halo games and thought I’d do pretty good if given the chance. I didnt even know about the Infinity Challege Tournamnet so I wound up signing up about a week late. I got into the qualifier to see if I could get into the top tier. I made it into the top tier sometime last week and got up to rank 6 or 7 thousand-ish. I didnt care what rank I was, I just wanted to be up in the Top tier so I can get a chance to win when the real tournamnet starts.

Soon after breaking into the top tier though, things start to go south. Im playing a game of Regicide and after the game I notice my Spartan armor is reset along with my emblem and my Rank is SR1 on screen, but still level 39 in my service record. Every game after that Ive played with only the 2 basic loadouts that you start with. None of my custom loadouts I worked hard to get are available to use in the game, so as it is now, Im handicapped. I wont elaborate anymore on that issue as Im sure many here are already aware of it and how much its ruining their game experience.

Hopefully 343i does something about this and soon because its now effecting my standing in the tournament. Since this whole SR1 incident happened, even when playing and winning, even though my service record XP is going up, my Infinity Challenge Tournament (ICT) rank is dropping every day- when previously I would go up in rank everytime I played. My assumption is that my game play and game score is not being counted while in this messed up glitch SR1 mode. So Im playing in a tournament and its like I’m invisible. Nothing I do will help me rank up in the tournamnet in fact even while playing and doing well, my rank is dropping every day. So Im basically wasting my time trying to play this game.

This really sucks!! I dont play games much, I work everyday, a full time job and run a business. Playing for an hour or two every night was enough for me to work my way into the top tier but now that this stupid glitch happened, its all been for nothing. Most likely by the time the tournament ends I will have been knocked down in rank to a lower Tier and will not even have a chance at winning in this tournament. This is bullsh*t!

I know others are having this issue too. Has anyone else seen a drop in their ICT rank since this has happened?

You haven’t been able to rank up at all since then? You’ve been stuck at SR 1 and haven’t been able to rank up/edit classes?

It might be a glitch in the system (chances are its a glitch in the system, considering how horrifically glitchy the system is) so that may need to be reset some how.

I would say you may have been rank locked/reset for something, but seeing as how your rank in your service record is normal, I doubt that…

Ask a moderator specifically if they know. Most of use here aren’t to literate in these kinds of things…

I just went and checked your stats.

Both and Halo Waypoint list you as having not played the game. It appears you have played reach, but the system likely hasn’t registered that you’ve played the game, or you have been removed (which seems unlikely) for whatever reason.

It’s more than likely a glitch in the system.

I’m gaining in overall rank, so my XP does go up in my service record. But it still shows me as SR1 in the game menus. Also can’t use my loadouts even though I can change them and see them in the menu.

But ever since that happened, my rank in the Infinity Challenge Tournament is getting lower and lower even though I’m doing well in the games. It seems that while in this glitch my scores are not being tallied.
My reason for this thread is to see if anyone else taking part in the tournament is having the same issue.

OK so now I’ve been bumped out of Tier 1 as a result of this glitch issue, thanks a lot 343i.

tier 1 is a -Yoink- place to be…