sr 70 and stuck

Well its sad to say but my wait of 2 weeks to get another specialization and even gain xp itself may be over if they release more SR’S like they should. Even sadder can’t get my monthly challenge because I’m stuck and can’t gain the xp if I were to finish it.

So I should have bought the collecter edition and or played all my matchmaking war games first if I wanted to get anything from halo 4 these past 2 weeks.

Really great 343
Really great
Ps is there a support upgrade for the operator class cause I did not get any past level 50 except “wetworks” stealth, my first choice. I saw it from the time I chose wetwork & unlocked it at level 60, but don’t see or have anything for my operator who started at 60 and is now stuck at 70.

No perk for ten miserable levels in what you are making my miserable halo 4 experience.

God yall messed this stuff up bad.

The ability you get for Operator is in the Tactical packages part of the loadout, not the Support. Hopefully you have it and it was just hiding.

My friends are coming up on that point, at 81 myself but it’s total bs for everyone else, as the last guy said operator is in the tactical section, if it isn’t there I must say you have every right to be pissed

I think they said they they will send us email for unlocking the other specialization… on december 1
Its sad but we cant do anything.