SR 5 Achievement didn't unlock at right time

Hello Halo community, I started a new account and restart Halo 4 campaign. When I completed the 6th level and succeed the Weekly challenge for this mission I hit SR5 but the achievment didn’t unlock (the challenge get me from SR1 to SR5 with about 30% of XP required for next level). When I saw this I thought my achievement was glitchy and I was pretty scared about my new profile. So, I decided to start a Spartan Ops mission to complete fast a new challenge and ended the game. Next, post game carnage, hit SR6 and Achievement unlocked! I was just wondering if it’s possible that my profile could getting banned because I unlocked an achievement at the wrong time (SR6 instead of SR5) … That’s probably my first problem about achievements in a Halo game and I don’t want to alter something, Halo means too much to me, and I respect 343i and Microsoft Xbox.

Some people would probably say that I’m a little mad to being afraid of a little thing like this … But really, I don’t want anything glitchy on my profile, just want to respect all the Xbox Code of conduct.

I’m sorry if my english isn’t very good.


You probably won’t get banned because you unlocked it later than earlier. But the achievements in the game are kinda glitchy so you shouldn’t even worry.

I hope you’re right, thanks for your reply.