SR 152s deserve a better reward than a couple skins

The players that got 152 should receive something that is unique and stands out to other players. They are the most dedicated players from halo 5 ,that have put in 40+ days of gameplay, to give them a color that most people wouldn’t think twice about is a slap in the face to the amount of time they put in. I would suggest a unique set of armor, like the helioskrill or Achilles, something that catches other players attention. My idea was to make banished inspired brute armor with a banished A.I. The lore could be something in the lines of a rouge spartan joining the banished.


Honestly if they just fix the skin to be what was advertised I am pretty sure everyone that intentionally grinded to max rank would be happy. The current version of the armor coating is whack and not what people wanted.


I feel the same way. It’s basically cadet gray with some red accents. Has the grudge from the cadet armors, which I hate. I wish it had a more polished look at least, similar to the cloud9 and other HCS armor.

But overall, I’m highly disappointed. Wish we would have gotten an armor set like you said. An I wish the color was a little more flashy.


I would definitely enjoy a more stand outish skin, but off the bat 343 said don’t get to hyped for it. Hopefully they can update the skin to be more interesting.

This right here. If the skin looked as advertised I’d be 100% fine with what we got, but instead we get a slight variation of default. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but the current iteration of Watchdog is really awful.


I just don’t understand why they cant just give a set of armor


Ikr I feel the same way, I’m really grateful we get these unique skins but at the same time it’s disappointing that it’s not even white

Wait, has any other Halo game given anybody anything for achieving anything in a previous halo game?

What does it look like if not the image from the announcement? I can’t find anything online.

Would you mind posting a pic?

I haven’t seen it and can’t find an official in game image, just pictures from the announcement.

Its a dark metallic silver with grit on it with maroon red instead of the clean bright white and red that was advertised.

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