SR 143 and have gotten TWO oni scorpions

so basically not sure what category this falls into be it a rant and rave or what but I just thought id let you all know that I am spartan rank 143 and have accrued 2 oni scorpions. Is this the most rarest item?

I have probably received about 4 phaetons in that time too, not to -Yoink- and moan that I am not getting any of the higher value reqs when i do purchase gold (even though I have everything unlocked and about 150K req points saved up for the “free” updates)

anyways, anyone else have feeling the same way?

I’m a ways below you and I only have 1 ONI tank and 2 phaetons. No ONI Mantis either

I guess you are just unlucky. I have like 5 of them iirc and im only 107

As one still unlocking silver packs … I know not of this pain.

I’m a 131 and I’ve been at 100% with reqs for quite a while and no card has been more rare for me than the ONI Scorpion. I have 3 right now and have had less than 10 over the course of the game. Even Pingy said it’s the rarest req card for him and he is a 149. Seriously, I have over 20 of every mythic weapon in the game in my supply at all times and I’ve never had more than 2 or 3 ONI Scorpions at a time. It’s not just you.

I have had the certification for oni tanks for a while now (bought a bunch of gold a while back) and apart from the 3 I started with I only got 1 more in maybe a months+ time. Just RNG I suppose, it is a legendary so they wont give you a lot of those.

I hadn’t got a single whispered truth until last week. Even after having the certification since december, not a single whispered truth. I feel like there is random certifications that are weighted heavier for everyone. I get a ton of answers, but rarely any blaze of glorys. My friend gets a ton of halo CE magnums, I get hardly any. It’s weird lol, but i am not upset because I hardly use reqs.

EDIT: i get a decent amount of oni scorpions, couldn’t tell you how many though because i sell every vehicle. If i had to guess I would say I have got about 10 ONI scorpions in the past 2 months.

Why did you put the word free in quotes?

Anyways, yes, the oni scorpion seems to be one of the most rare ones from what I’ve seen/heard.

seems pretty unlucky, sorry for your loss

0 Oni Tanks for this girl. sad panda

I got 2 pheatons and 1 whispered truth as well as a nornfang and oathsworn and selenes lance and more…
Let me clarify
i do not have ANY certifications for the above reqs. i Do however have certifications for oni rocket and oni gauss hogs, and i seem to get neither.
in like 2months.
It is really odd.
ps. i am lvl 98.

You would think after unlocking everything and opening gold packs you would see more legendary stuff. Especially at the rank you’re at. Guess not I suppose.

It’s been almost a year and other than the 3 ONI scorpions you get with the certification I probably unlocked 2 ONI tanks and I have not gotten one in over 4 months. The other vehicle I seem to never get is the Phaeton Helios. Other than the 3 I received with the certification I have yet to find one in a gold pack.

Imo this just promotes the idea that we should be able to buy whatever certifications/armor we want in Halo 6. With credits you can only acquire through gameplay. So basically reach lol.

The oni and Hannibal tanks seem to be the rarest reqs for me as well.