SR-130s Playing time

I was curious to see how long it took people to reach Max Rank in Halo 4. Before the release, I thought it would take me around 20 days of playing time but I was very wrong. It actually only took me 3 days and 2 hours to get to max rank! :o A big part of that though was that my friends gave me double xp codes since they had PS3 and they drank mountain dew or they ate Doritos.

I’ve seen a wide variety of playing times for max rank people, for example i saw a SR 110 with 10 days of playing time (No Campaign) and i saw a SR-130 with 2 days and 13 hours of playing (All sparton ops)

So… how long did it take you to reach max rank? (SR-130s)

It took me… oh wait a minute… I’m a brit so I didn’t get free spec codes and double xp codes and shizzle.

At least I get to think that the progression is taking a decent amount of time.

I’m a completionist, and it depressed me to know that I don’t have the willpower or time to max rank in Halo: Reach. In Halo 4, progression is significantly faster, but once you hit near the end levels of each Specialization, it’s pretty slow. I’m getting older, and I’m having less time to play.

This is why I’m applying most of my Double-XP matches to each game I play of Spartan Ops. Next month is exam month so I can’t really play, so I’m trying to play as much as possible during the holidays with Double-XP.

Without Double XP, I think it will take just a little less of a good three quarters of a year of active playing to get to SR 130.

I’ve had the game since release day, and I’m only SR-82 right now. I don’t know how anyone hit 130 is less than a week!

I got it on release day too, SR115 atm, I think I’ll get it by january 3th.

I have like 6 days and 20 hours… so it will be over 7.5days to reach SR130.

No double exp or spartan ops boost, all legit. 13k kills in MM.

Lol ive only been playing the game for a total of 2 days and 3 hours worth of gameplay and im already an sr 71. no double xp and i played campaign. after reaching sr 50 to get your specialization i notice that im ranking up rapidly. like from sr 50 to 71 was faster than sr 1 to 50