And please don’t say commendations. I’m 93% done with UNSC, and close to the only 3 I care about in Forerunner weapons, anyways. So after those are completed, there’s really nothing else to, “look forward to.” I recently got to SR-130, and the game has only been out what, 3 months? I’m hoping that the upcoming TU has another system, maybe to go along with the CSR ranking system, that allows us to “rank” again. What I’m hoping for is for them to bring back the Military Ranks (Captain, Major, Brigadier, etc.). A large percentage of the community has reached the max rank already, we need something else.

I wouldn’t mind a Military based system like Reach for Casual play. Competitive needs a 1 - 50 system which is coming in the CSR update.

Yeah, what I meant when I said go “along with CSR” I meant a similar system to Halo 3’s MM ranking. For example, you had to reach Level 45 to be able to become a Brigadier, but also needed the, 1,200 XP or whatever it was to get the emblem. They should implement something similar to that.