SR 1

I’m supposed to be SR 69 and halfway to 70, but I play one game and finish it just fine. But the second game I get knocked down to SR 1. It works just fine if I reset my Xbox and play one game, but I don’t really enjoy the fact that I’d have to reset my Xbox after every game.

Is anyone else getting this or is it just me?

does your xp still add up for your sr69?

My rank, loadouts, and armor reset about an hour ago. Hopefully they get this fixed. I was working on SR 60 and I get half a game done. Half way through everything reset and I spawn with an AR. What am I gonna do with an AR? I’m a BR person!

I didn’t play a game to see if it went toward my 69. Just seen that I was still a level one in the game and just left. But I’ll check and see if it does or not.

You’re not the only one - I’ve definitely read a topic on here by someone else who said they had to reset their x-box after every game because of this.

I believe this happens when the servers go down. Are you able to see all playlists or only the default playlist that pop up when the server goes down?

I’m able to seen all the playlists. I just played a game and it put the XP toward my SR 70.

Strange. I’ve had my loadouts randomly reset a couple times but never my SR rank.

Come home from a few hours of playing basketball and it’s fixed.

Fixed on my end as well. Glad this was temporary.