for a little while now ive been sorda taking a break from halo and playing the new cod ghost and its sucks but one thing that i saw in the new call of duty that i thought would be cool to have in halo was the squad mode .

but its not how you think it will be because the way ghost did it it sucks but if halo xbone had it this how it would be.

  1. customization: youll have 3 types of teams to choose from either unsc,covenant ,or flood. Unsc: youll have 5 marines that youll be able to customize. you can create your own class for each individual marine deciding what gun they have, and the type of gear they wear and the color of there gear (like a first person halo wars) or just have them as there default colors. for covenant the same thing color,armor,and weapons.for the flood you can choose whether the zombie is human or covenant or just a carrier and only certain weapons can be held by them.

2.ranking them up. of course you wont be able to have every thing at start so youll have to rank them up to have better guns and armor.for the Unsc armor ,as you rank your marines up soon you will be able to rank them up to odsts then spartans!and youll unlock better guns for them.for covenant same deal (again) as you rank your elites up they get better armor and guns.for the flood they start out as infection forms then to bodies and then carriers etc

3 multiplayer: for online you and a friend can play on the same team and fight apponents ,varies from 1v1 2v2 even 3v3 max because each player has there own squad of 5 AI.

4.game types:team death match: either in 1v1 2v2 3v3 you and your 5 vs another person and there team.
big team battle: only 1v1 because youll have 15 troops on your team.
survival: you and up to 3 friends can fight endless waves of unsc or covenant with your individual squads working together other gametype will be applied like capture the flag and plant the bomb etc.
flood survival:you and up to 3 friends vs endless waves of flood.also for flood there will be game types where you either plant the bomb in a hive or evac where you and your squad will have to reach a evac zone to exit the area.and domination:each team gets there own base and can upgrade it with armor and turrets and even more troops.now the point is your all on the same team and the flood is trying to take over your base.your base depends on what race you are if your covenant then you get a covenant base human get a human base with veichals and weapons and each player only has one drivable dropship the dropship is your only way of escaping your base if you get breached you can fly to an allies base and hold out with them until you die but once your base is taken over the flood will spawn there and your base will look like a hive.and if you get killed you have to fight with the flood as a zombie.

5.care packages:you can call in weapon drops air support where either a hornet,falcon or pelican etc can give you support for a short time if it doesnt get shot down first. troop drops bring in more troops.

6 maps :the maps are going to have to be big .but there should be 4 maps for this specific game type.1 a huge city map so you can have city battles duh.2 a huge snow map with forerunner buildings on it. a dessert canyon and a forest like map.

7.intros. when you begin the game you are dropped in by a dropship and as you rank up your marines into odsts you can choose to enter the map in drop pods and if spartans you armor lock from high altitude into the map. same for covenant.and flood.

thats pretty much it so if you like the idea comment and tell 343 about it or if you disagree …oh wait thats imposibru

seems like a interesting idea to have the different species of squads. personally, i think that squads shouldn’t be a mode that focuses on player involvement. i think it should be more like fantasy halo. you build your own squad, then enter them into tournaments. it could be like in super smash brothers, watch the NPCs fight each other for our entertainment. then we could be rewarded with experience, like in ghosts. i think that the idea of upgrading your squad is good, but you shouldn’t be able to go from 6 marines to 6 spartans. if you upgrade your characters, there should be a limited number of them, or they should be worth more. imagine this, a marine is worth one point. a odst is worth 2, while a spartan is worth 3. you have 6 points to spend on people.

i would also like it the games your squad played were recorded. i would also like it if you could sort of tweak the behavior of specific squad members, guard certain areas of the map, rush the other team, or act as a marksman, stuff like that.