Squads should prioritize friends

to me its weird that even though ill have a group of 6 or so friends, i still get randoms in my squads. even though it doesnt have a function of spawning, it helps a lot to be able to identify a friend at a glance, cant really do that the way it works right now.


Absolutely this is a problem. I’ve been playing big team with my group of 4 and we all end up in seperate squads every match

I second this. My brother and I have been playing for the past two hours and throughout the matches we’ve played, about 3/10 times we’d be in the same platoon. My question is why is platoon’s a thing in BTB? This isn’t Battlefield where you can spawn on your ally. All that’s different is a green badge above your ally. That’s it. No spawning benefit of the sort.