Squads in halo

The talk about squads in cod ghosts hyped me up for the game but I was destroyed when I heard it was only 2 player local split screen. So what do you think, running into battle as a spartan leading some odst and some marines, or as an elite leading some grunts or some jackles
What do you guys think. Taking at vantage of new ai systems to make a nice new invasion game type?

I welcome this new idea, as long it is balanced right. Could be a new gametype using Dominion defences for defending team and covenant squads for offensive side.

This can work if balance right, But my question is. What happens when you die or your a.i. troops die what happens there?

you mean A.I. playing with other players. i say, see if it works in Titan Fall, if people like it give it more consideration. until then, the squads i would focus on are the sort of Ghosts style, build a squad then have them fight. i find that idea really appealing. if AI work in titan fall, they can juste port the code from the squads mode.

Open scene of The Package in Reach was like this, but with AI that die easily tho.

I don’t know anything about Ghosts, so is this just AI or is it actual players controlling ODSTs, grunts and marines? If it’s the latter then that would be a great Firefight mode.