Squad up? Why do you always end up with randoms and no one from your party or fireteam in the squads?

I have a few issues with what’s going on but this post is to focus on the squad issues. Everything with the squad system is fine except why if I’m in a fireteam and a party with my friends do we all end up in squads with randoms. Would really like to be able and to play in squads with my friends so we can ping and identify each other easier.


I’ve noticed that too in BTB. It’s honestly bizarre to me I get placed with randoms when I’m clearly in a 4 man fireteam.

Yes. The in-game fireteam designation definitely isn’t working properly. I recommend submitting a support ticket if you haven’t already.

Yeah, was like that since flights. No idea why. I guessed balance to minimise the effect of Stacking in a Casual Playlist, but man it did put a sour flavour to our BTB Experience yesterday.