Squad up for FF boss comms

Hey all,

The final Comm I need in the game is grunt Mech destroyer but I am stuck on level 4. Months of playing and I am just sick and tired of competing with a full Fireteam of 8 for the final shot, there is always someone quicker than I am and it doesn’t matter if I do 80%+ of the work by myself there will always be some sneaky spartan waiting to get the last hit in.

If there are any others out there looking to finish up with either Warden or Grunt Mech kills let me know as it would be much easier if we just agreed who got which kills and when in order to cut down on the competition, If I got even 1/8 of the grunt mechs I have encountered I would have finished weeks ago. If you need Warden Kills I will just let yall have them so long I can get my final 18 Grunt Mechs so I can finally have 100% H5 comms.