Squad names for halo 4 multiplayer!

So I was looking around custom games when I stumbled upon the teams and their colors. They also have symbols of animals. Ofcourse in matchmaking, blue team is the ray and red team is the shark. But teams like cyan have a t-rex and so on. I pre-ordered the limited edition so I got the little score card, and from that I know that blue is majestic squad and red is castle squad. I was wondering if anybody knew any of the names for all of the colors. On the scorecard the names are shadow, wolf, domino, apex, tower, talon, horse, sword, ivy, and rhino. In the game, gold is a wolf, green is a tiger, lime green is a snake, purple is a rhino, orange is an eagle, and cyan is a t-rex. Some of them are obvious (like rhino) but I was just curious if anybody knew. Thanks for the help!