What is the deal with all this crap about sprint. I don’t get it. There was nothing wrong with sprint in any of the games. The issues were all the other abilities. Armor lock etc. Sprint makes my life easier and makes others easy targets. Sprint gets you killed more often then not. So what’s the deal am I missing something?

No no no, sprint was horrid in Reach/H4. They are actually attempting to balance sprint in Halo 5.

Any halo gane with a sprint button needs to die

Well all the halo’s were about your placements and movements in the game. Go to fast in(overextend) and youl die, pick beter placement and youl win.

But now you can shoot at someone cornerd down for ~80% and he will use thrust or turn around and sprint and then thrust. 0 punishment or skill required and will get away with it.

And that goes for the normal engagements as well, people can get away easily away now. Where you would been punished in every other Halo game, this one lets you deny the odds.

Without these punishments, the game will become a run and gun game. Spartan bash during sprint, the almost instant gun draw and fire from guns adds to this. Its weird looking at this game as Halo, everyone on AR, pistoles and SMG, or anything with a high fire rate. The rifles became almost obsolete now.