Sprint Quarrel (and other non-classic additions)

I have read some of the “sprint” posts lately and what people are saying back and forth. (The ones about not wanting the sprint ability, or any other spartan abilities in general.)

Here’s a simple solution: a dedicated playlist that removes features in Halo 5 that weren’t present in Halo 3 (or Halo 2, depending on how far people will fight).

How about we all win on this battle? I like both gameplay styles and Halo would benefit from a game mode reaching back to its roots. (Call of Duty 4 did it and so did many others, and many players loved the variety.)

Just my two cents.

Wouldn’t be too bad a result. If nothing else it would hopefully quiet the whiners.
Until they realized that their nostalgia was wrong and they’d get back on somethign else…no escape.

Heck, we can even use community made remakes of the best H2 and H3 maps so no one complaines that the current maps are to stretched out.

I don’t see why 343i wouldn’t try this at least once.

Orcaman15 first of all, “nostalgia” cannot be wrong; that makes no sense. Perhaps you meant their collective opinion is wrong, which again, doesn’t make sense because it’s subjective. If you were trying to say that the new formula of halo is better, I’d argue the contrary since it has an extremely low player count compared to classic halo titles. I’d also argue that if Microsoft had stuck to Halo’s original formula, thousands of veteran players would be playing Halo right now instead of other titles such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Fallout. Fans of those games can pick up the most recent release, and play it to the same caliber that they played the older games. A sequel should play the same way as older titles. You cannot go from Halo 1,2,3 (and even Reach!) to Halo 5 with ease, since the button layout is completely different to accommodate the new features. This is the biggest failure in my opinion. Using bumper jumper is obsolete since using the sticks to zoom is so clunky now with aim-down-sights, which, as far as I’m concerned, is a silly feature since the old smart-link zooming system was never complained about by fans and was praised by most–also, is ADS even part of the lore? The novels I have read include smark-link zooming for spartans; only marines aim down the sights.

When Halo was relevant, players didn’t stop playing because they really wanted sprint and thrust melee-ing, but now players are no longer playing Halo because these new features were unnecessarily added. Microsoft failed to understand that Halo’s original formula was never stale. They thought adding features from other games would make Halo great again, but instead, these gimmicks have made it one of the stalest titles around. Yeah, I think a classic playlist would be great, and I have been requesting one before the game even launched, without any sort of recognition from 343; one of the moderators even blocked some of my posts regarding it. I’m not saying Bungie is all that, but during Halo’s prime, they did reply to me and other members of the community when we were worried about the game’s direction.

I don’t think Halo 5 is a bad game by any means–except the campaign, which is diabolical garbage- but I don’t think it’s a good Halo game. This was supposed to be such a lengthy post, but I always feel the need to show my concern for a series so which I actually care about.

Now I feel the need to go into the ridiculous strategy to draw a younger audience with the childish new art style and gimmicks, which was never what classic Halo’s–the games that made it one of the most popular titles of all time-- did.

So in short, yes, a classic playlist is the only thing that would get me to play this game, since I’ve barely touched it since launch. I’ve created a custom’s playlist which plays beautifully, and certainly wouldn’t be a hard thing to implement. Perhaps hubris is the only thing keeping Microsoft from implementing it… PROVE ME WRONG 343 !

Bungie tried it but with limited sprint and as a Spartan ability only.

The problem with such a system is that everything in Halo 5 is built around sprint. Why do you think there is so much bullet magnetism and weird hitboxes in Halo 5? Or those videos of snipers getting headshots medals from chest shots? Or classic maps being remade into much larger maps? No, building a classic playlist will play just like it did in Halo Reach and Halo 4: horribly

We’ll never know if they don’t try it.

They’ve tried it before during the reach era and it didn’t work particularly well. The MCC is available and Reach in backwards compatible. If I want to play a game of Halo 3 I can. If I want to play invasion I can. If we create a ‘classic’ playlist which game do we base it on? CE is vastly different to 2 which is vastly different to 3 which is vastly different to reach which is vastly different to 4. Do we have to create a playlist for each game? Halo 5 has for the most part the things that reach and 4 lacked. It has even starts. There is no advantage to be found in the perfect combination of attributes. I sympathize with people who prefer the older styles of gameplay, but it is still there for you to go back to when you want it.

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> We’ll never know if they don’t try it.

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