Sprint = LAME, No 1-50 = EVEN MORE LAME

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nuff said Halo 3 > Halo Reach

While I do agree with you, you have no argument here to support you. You presented this totally wrong


You have no proof of what Halo 4 rank system is or if AA’s are in it at all

Prove that there’s no 1-50 pl0x.

This has nothing to do with Halo 4. Please lock.

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Spartans can sprint. Deal with it.

Whats to explain? Sprint was a teribad idea from the movement in H3 and without 1-50 ranks system there is no goal. I could care less about my rank in reach but H3 50 was what i played for.

Is this a Halo 3 vs. Halo Reach thread or a Halo 4 vs. Halo Reach thread? I am confused. At any rate if it is a Halo 4 vs. Halo Reach thread than how do you know their won’t be 1-50 in Halo 4? Prove it with a link.

Wasn’t saying there wasn’t 1-50 I was implying without it the game loses a lot of fans, and Reach proved that.