Sprint, Jetpack and Hologram and How They Can Fit in Halo 4.

The three have a place in Halo 4 if they have the following:

For Sprint we need…

The moving mechanic of Halo CE/2 as well as the fast moving speed that those games had.
Why? because that makes sprint more balanced when it comes to chasing, if someone sprints with a sword at you, you’ll get 2 choises: run away and try to out play that opponent, or use your gun to kill him, and if your gun isn’t good for the situation, the player with that sprints at you with the sword has the upper hand. Why? because that will happen if we atill have the “realistic” mechanic that we got for Reach, the sword noob gets you because he is at full speed, but you need to wait till you get there. So if the moving system is like in Halo CE/2 (not realistic but good for gameplay), all players will go at the same speed (beeing max speed straight away) when running/spinting, good for gameplay when it comes to equality.
Sprint should be in Halo 4 by default, LB to activate, but then we’ll need a good melee system to not turn Halo 4 into the double pummel fest that Reach is.

For Jetpack we need…

Not a lower jump height like Bungie thought we should have when they added the jetpack for Reach, nor we need loadouts.
The jetpack just needs to be tactically on the map, specially on the spot where you’ll be able to ruin a teams highground controll. The jetpack will be there like a power up (along with OS and AC), 40 seconds max on air untill the juice ends, a dead player can drop the jetpack for another one to use. The jetpack spawns every 3 minutes. The Jetpack is activated by jumping and sprinting (LB + A).

For Hologram we need…

We need to turn them into what they were in Halo 2.
In Halo 2 the heretic leader used holodrones to fool the arbiter and make him easier to kill, for Halo 4s MP we need to remake those holograms to make them balanced. They are found on the map as 2 Holo Drones (small spherical hologram grenade like), they’ll be added in the grenade section as a decoy ability. The difference from the holograms from Reach is the following: they can be thrown as far as a grenade can be thrown and they’ll be doing 3 things at random, sprinting, charging shooting (no damage if hit), or ghnadi jumping (crouch jumping), always on a straight line.

Reach had great additions to Halo, one beeing AAs (loadouts = horrible idea), but sadly, they weren’t balanced (noob lock, derp shield and evading death).
These three are balanced the way I propose them, so guys give me your support and keep this thread alive to see if this idea is heard.

Feedback (good/bad) is highly appreciated.

I like it and I think the bubble shield should make a return (Halo 3 bubble shield not the drop shield) as a pickup like the jet pack.

I like the jet pack being a power weapon on the map because if used correctly can really do damage to opposing enemies. Lets say there is a map like Headlong and a sniper is up high and owning your team. If you go and pick up the jet pack you could easily fly up and take out the sniper and control that area!

I liked the idea of jet packs in Reach, but everyone having the ability to start with one and wondering where in the world you are getting shot from makes things a little annoying so this would work well!

I really don’t care what happens to the hologram no one used it honestly.

Finally for sprint it can come back but only for specific games maybe in BTB so infantry have a better way to move around the map. I don’t want to see it on small competitive maps though.

Think of sprint on a map like Midship… just wouldn’t work. Sword would own, players who got shot would drop down and run around a corner. It just doesn’t work competitively, but on a large scale yes.

BTB: Jet Pack, Sprint (Starting) Hologram, OS, Active
Competitve arena maps and Team slayer/objective: OS, Active
Medium maps/Squad Battle: OS, Active, Jet Pack, Hologram

You’re asking for the Halo CE/2 moving mechanic to come back, and that’s a wonderful idea, many don’t know that they changed it and the impact that it had on gameplay, but bringing it back wouldn’t hurt anymore, would it?

For anyone that asks, i’ll leave thisvideo here, from 0:05 to 1:00, it shows how the mechanic that has no acceleration time is much more effective when strafing, beeing better than Halo 3 on MLG setting.

Like someone said, the sword would own on small maps and that’s pretty true, but like you said, someone charging you with the sword and this mechnic beeing on the game is a good for gameplay, because you with the same spriting speed can run away (with good timing) from there and find a way to out play the sword charger, grenades, team shooting etc. Making the sword beeing able to kill less on small map also helps.

My point is that sprint can be competitive if paired with a good melee system and a good moving mechanic.

The jetpack like you describe it, seems to fit as power up pretty well.

Also agree with the hologram part, for it beeing the only balanced ability on Reach, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be in Halo 4.

Totally agree with this man, guys give him more support!

If double melee and sword block are removed, why not? Assuming it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Going back to the old moving mechanic is the best idea of all, as well as making the jetpack a power up.

Your ideas are good, but how could sprint double pummel be countered (any ideas?), only one player in the game has the sword, but everyone will be able to sprint and kill you before your spawn weapon gets them. Also sword block is limited, I doesn’t need to be there to nerf the sword, instead it should be like you said.

The hologram idea is pretty good too.

I likey, but no Jetpacks… PLEASE!

This is a good idea. However, Elites should get Evade instead of Sprint… and it should be customizable