sprint isn't the problem. Slow base speed is

i was testing the waters of CE which is still fun on MP. But I noticed. The maps seem bigger. More open than their halo 2 or after counterparts. You run faster and you feel quicker.

But ever since Halo 2 you feel slower and your FOV seems so narrow. Maps seem smaller and tighter. Wizard for example seems open and like you could really run around it while warlock seems tight.

If halo was faster it wouldn’t need sprint. Hell halo 4 at 110% running speed or 120% is perfect without sprint.

But ever since bungie dumbed down halo into a slow mess of easy targets with narrow vision they tried to make up for it with sprint in reach. As am option.

343 being idiots too didn’t think to up the speed but instead assumed sprint would balance speed verse fight. Which it doesn’t. Halo CE is quick but also skilled. Sprint is ok on big maps maybe. Or some modes but I doesn’t work if you just upped the speed

Agreed! Sprint is not necessary and makes the maps way to stretched out, I mean look at the new midship

People have been saying this for a long time, just increase base player speed, increase FoV and decrease or get rid of movement acceleration, that will not only speed up the game without increasing map size but it will also make strafing a skill again.