Sprint is in multiplayer

I just noticed that on the multiplayer screenshots there had a spartan in jorges armor and it looks like hes sprinting. Im not here to start debate just curious if anyone else noticed that or everyone already knows?

Yeah, it’s clear 343i is sticking with sprint and choosing to ignore the many, many outcries against the feature made over the decade.

If you didn’t watch the gameplay reveal last summer, sprint was literally in the gameplay. Love it or hate it, I think sprint is here to stay. The only modernish games I can think of that don’t have sprint are Doom and Wolfenstein and both of those have a ramped up walk speed and Doom has advanced movement like double jumping and dash.

I get not everyone in Halo likes sprint cause it wasn’t originally in the games, but I don’t know if you’ll ever not have it in a main line Halo game again.

I noticed it too. Maybe the spartan is just jumping.

Either way, I’m fine with sprint.

That’s been known since the gameplay reveal. As long as the god awful thruster BS from 5 doesn’t return, I’m ok with it.

Yes, it is known that there is Sprint gameplay in Infinite. While we do not know if it’ll be in MP, I’d assume if it’s in campaign it’s in MP.