Sprint, Clamber, Slide is not evolving Halo.

Many people in the Halo community and within other games such as Cod and Apex are saying that Sprint, Clamber, and Slide is the proper evolution of Halo. They will say that Halo needs to become more “modern” if it is to thrive in todays market. Basically what these people are saying is that Halo needs to copy what other shooters are doing, now that’s not evolving. What that is, is abandoning and replacing. Now hear me out.

A lot of people will say “oh you want Halo 3 part 2” or “Halo is just too slow without these mechanics” The same arguments are being told but not enough people are saying this:

Evolving Halo would be to take community features from both Halo 3 and Reach and to take the mechanics and gameplay from Halo 3 and update them and make them more efficient. 343i would take these two games because they are the most positively received/ popular Halo games when it comes to their strong suits. If you stick with me through this post I will give you a general Idea as to how 343 should go about this.

Halo’s triangle: Grenades, melee, and shooting.
This is the core mechanics of Halo and at anytime you should be able to perform these actions without your movement being hindered (unless you are jumping or interacting with the map)

For Halo infinite, increase the movement speed to that of the current sprint. This will keep the pace of the game and you will be able to shoot, and strafe at the sprinting speed that is in Infinite. 343i has slowed sprint down but allows you to reload while doing so and the recovery is nearly instant but the trade off is the speed and it doesn’t feel like you are sprinting. 343i added speed marks for the HUD and the animation to psychologically simulate sprinting but the speed isn’t there. You are barley moving faster than base movement, so increase base movement and remove sprint. All 343i would be doing is removing sprinting animations. (And of course with it the sliding mechanic)

Jumping in classic games, you had the moon jump and there are many ways to reach places you couldn’t. For example, crouch jumping at the right moment or using an explosive to launch yourself further. With infinite we can remove clamber and either increase base jump height or change the maps to accommodate. (Also without clamber we won’t have all the clutter on the maps) (343i probably doesn’t have time to redesign all the maps on launch so increasing jump height would be the better option. And people would probably argue that in H3 it felt slow because after a jump it took forever to reach the ground. As long as 343i doesn’t mess with the fall speed it shouldn’t feel like H3 in that regard.)

Sliding: I understand why ppl like to slide, especially in how Infinite plays currently because the momentum you get is faster than the sprint and it’s a gap closer. But it really just throws Halo into the pile with every other shooter on the market. Not to mention this mechanic is the main reason ppl are saying that sprint needs to stay. People want to slide to either kill or escape but proper usage of grenade placements, landing your shots/strafing and crouching , and map control would reward you with kills and outplays.

One of the main reasons H3 was so popular is because it had the perfect blend of social and ranked experiences or casual and competitive (for those who are newer fans) playlists.
343i has yet to accomplish this with their games. H4 was way too casual while H5 was way too competitive. Neither one of these games launched with both sides of the coin in mind.

Now what should Halo Infinite do in order to replicate Halo 3’s success in this regard? I’m glad you asked:
These are some games, between Halo 3 and Halo Reach:
Slayer, BTB,CTF, OddBall, Infection, Invasion, Action Sack, King of the hill, VIP, doubles, Grifball, SWAT and Firefight.
Halo infinite needs to launch with Social and Ranked playlists with these gametypes (minus Invasion because RIP playable elites) Firefight would be a social game mode if not in its own category. Invasion if possible, would be a social game mode because one team is spawning with different weapons. Infection would be social as well. Mainly in ranked play we would see slayer and objective based game modes.

Commendations: in-game milestones that reward the player for reaching them. Halo Reach had tiers of these Commendations ranging from Iron, silver, gold Onyx. These are nice and I would welcome 343i to add more tiers and more commendations for their unique medals such as distractions, fly high, and remote detonation.
343i could also add Commendations for forging and clan/groups that play together. Have unique commendations that only they could unlock. With commendations 343i can add ones for challenges and their battle pass.
Investing into the Commendation system and adding what Bungie didn’t is true evolution vs the watered down version we got in H5 which is a downgrade.

Firefight: Being able to forge our own firefight maps and choose where AI spawners are, would be incredible and a true evolution of what came before. Of course more customizable options and more than 4 people playing together.

Campaign: Just like Firefight, more than 4 people playing the campaign, this is evolution.

Lobbies: Map voting, pre-lobby chats, and population counts need to return. Map voting allowed for player expression, pre-lobby chat for expression and communication and player counts gave valuable info about what game modes were most popular and which game type would get them in games the fastest. Bringing these features back would only flourish the community.

Armors: I believe 343i has a good idea for this but if commendations were a feature that resources were put into, unique sets tied to them would be an excellent idea. And would be something that Reach didn’t do. Evolution is about taking what works and improving, this is a good example.

In Conclusion
I believe that a lot of people have a misunderstanding about Evolution because of the games that they play and they want to see some of the same mechanics replicated in Halo because it would make the experience more familiar and less foreign. But what 343i is doing is neglecting Mechanics and features that were present in Halo within the first decade of its existence.

I wanted to explain that what a lot of people are saying is not a proper Evolution of Halo but a change and switch of Halo. I know people are going to disagree with me and I would discuss this in further detail. This post is already long so I only covered Movement and Features.

It’s too late. It isn’t going to change.

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> It’s too late. It isn’t going to change.

I know its too late to change, this post is mainly for those who say sprint, clamber and slide is Halo Evolving when it simply isnt. I know especially with only 4 months till launch what we saw is what we are going to get. However if I can clarify what actual Evolution of mechanics and features are then my goal is reached.

I actually think Halo Infinite feels like a truly modernised version of Halo 3.

I love clamber in Halo 5 so glad to see it back, sprint finally feels balanced and the slide means movement has more of a skill gap without being disruptive to gameplay.

Imagine being a super soldier in the future and all you do is just walk and crouch hop everywhere. If sprint, clamber, and sliding isn’t evolving Halo from where it was i don’t know what would. Your argument of Halo being about simple grenades, shooting, and melee keeps halo in the past.

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